Book Review: Me No Pause, Me Play by Manoj Kumar Sharma

Socially this is a great novel. The author narrates a powerful story of a woman who is bogged down by her husband. The author has impeccably done it phase by phase…Paused, Past, Plan, Played, and Pinnacle. The crux and gist of the story is not beyond these phases. In the first phase, Dolly suffers from menopause trauma due to hormonal imbalances, thus, she is hospitalized for many months. The second phase lays out the painful and bitter sweet past of Dolly’s relationship with her stoic husband Rajat.

No spoilers anymore, I am not going in all the phases. Rajat works for a company called Womenica. He is some deputy general manager guy. But outwardly he is showing a lovely attitude as how the company cares for women folk across the world but in reality there is darkness below the silhouette of his image. On one very important day of his promotion, Dolly is taken to the hospital. Annoyed, he leaves for the hospital. But his life never returns on the same track. He is changed forever by Jasmona – his ex girlfriend.

Jasmona, the MD of the hospital, personally takes the case of Dolly and keeps her under personal vigilance.   

“Dolly’s case requires mental treatment and emotional treatment more than the conventional medical treatment.”

Jasmona plans out the medical cum care treatment plan by making Rajat as a pawn. The story is a mix of romance, care, medical treatment psychologically and social issues. The story highlights the pain of women who go through pain and tribulation to see their husband happy and contented.

The book is well-researched, ably executed and provides terrific insights about its subjects. I read the book in two hours, it so much fast-paced and nicely written. How did Dolly fare through all phases to outshine everyone in the Pinnacle state is worth appreciating.

If you liked the review and curious about the book, buy it from Amazon/Kindle.

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