Book Review: The Lotus, The Rose, The Lily by Yogie Chandra Tatvaraj

The Lotus, The Rose, The Lily follows the story of true awakening by learning from nature and its design. The book keenly studies lotus, rose, and lily to offer a basket full of learning and wisdom that we can leverage to have clarity of our thoughts. Such books are inclined towards the pure spirit of our existence in the Universe than ego builder tool that is our mind.

This is a unique book, like a solo traveler, you drive your lessons from nature and its fauna. I have always been fascinated with the idea of spirituality, consciousness, fate, and awakening. But didn’t know how to go about it, with what sort of book? The book beautifully explores the concepts of life through flowers. The lotus flourishes under muddy turbid water…the way it blooms is its spirit, not the ego of mind like muddy stream. The author draws a gamut of metaphors from this flower under various circumstances. It sounded funny but cogitation may amuse you with its results. Lotus teaches us to leave the muddy state of mind that is nothing but an ego heap.

On the other hand I was nonplussed to find the rich position of rose in our life, even the author brings out its association with history. Life is indeed like rose, we need to suffer the thorns to enjoy the beauty of flower. No life is full of happiness without sorrows. I loved the rose part in the book most. It’s encompassing, vividly captured essence of the flower. The last and third flower is the Lily. It purely reflects the wilderness of life. It doesn’t need sophistication to survive. It is a beautiful messenger of detachment.

When I read this short lovely book on my Kindle app, I was filled with warmth, whilst it fascinated me, and made me contemplate my own beliefs, and the hedonistic reality about us. I have always believed that there is so much about this universe’s omnipresence that we are yet to understand about our own existence. This book will take you on a journey of inward thinking and make you believe that we are not bad at all but it is the mind and ego that tries to maneuver us for its strong influence. I learnt to be humble and grounded after gaining my lessons from the book. It’s a must read book those who wish to go beyond the layers of illusion. I highly recommend this!

If you liked the review and want to read the book, kindly buy it from Amazon/Kindle.

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