Faith and the Beloved is a Winner of Salis Mania Choice Awards 2022

Bangalore-based Indian author Kochery C Shibu is honored for his crime fiction novel – Faith and the Beloved. The novel is declared Best Mystery & Thriller Book of the Year Award 2022 Winner bySalis Mania Choice Awards,in the first week of January.

Faith and family matter over many values in life. In fact, these two aspects decide the value of any relationship and the fate of family. On similar lines, ‘Faith and the Beloved’ by Kochery C Shibu is a crime suspense and thriller novel. To showcase the values shuttling between faith and family (referred as beloved) the author has weaved a gripping tale routing through aspects like betrayal, deception, revenge, love, and greed, infatuation, and so on.

Two stories go parallel in this novel. The first one is about a very successful business woman and owner of an ad agency ‘Design Panthon’, Naithy and her daughter Alice. Naithy lost her husband in Mumbai terrorist attack and then she is remarried to a model named ‘Tony’ without checking his background. The second story is about Prem and his elder brother Arun, who died in a police encounter.

Next in the story, Naithy is attacked and goes into coma. Alice smells rat in her house and she is being manipulated and raped by Tony. However, Alice is wiser than her age. She somehow comes to the secret about diamonds and Tony’s alliance with a terror outfit. She kills Tony and flees the house and begins living with changed names and identity.

On the other hand, Prem is furious at the murder of his brother by the police. He kills that policeman and finds out that Naithy was involved into the murder of his brother. From here onwards, the saga of revenge and rescue begins. Prem wants to kill Naithy, while Alice wants to save her. In their hot pursuit, both adults try to outsmart each other.

Salis Mania Choice Awards were held for other literary categories too. Many new to prominent authors participated in it. The awards are decided on popularity of voting done online in a survey kind of way. The list of other winners include

Madhukant Acharya for Corporate Eagle; Mona Mohanty for the Tangled Weave – they were announced Best Author of the Year 2022.

In the Best Mystery & Thriller Book of the Year Mona Mohanty’s book the Tangled Weave gathered 15 % votes; and A Butterfly Riddle by Jaykay Heart stands up to 40.1 % votes. Well, the winner was Faith and the Beloved by Kochery C Shibu with 44.8% votes.

The author thanked on social media handles all the readers for showing tremendous support and love for winning the award.

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