Book Review – The Blue Jinx: A Gemstone Murder Mystery by Nisha B Thakur

Nisha Thakur books, her writing style – you either like it or not – for me, I do like her entrapped narrative, as well as the characters with no visible pretensions initially but later in the story turn out to be real troublemakers. They are all individuals within their own rights. The novel is written in a contemporary tone, with a fewer sweeps of past time period. Her previous murder mystery novel ‘The Unexpected Trail’ was staged in a gated society building, this one in a house in Nasik, but the novels exude as the plot is unfurling in some mystic Gothic style.

With simple backdrops and unanticipated supernatural elements, this novel is so enjoyable…I can’t tell you how much. It does not get boring…from cover to cover. But as the story dots love affair of Nikhil and Samara, you still need to guess who the bad/villain character is?

It claims to be a gemstone murder mystery; however, it can’t be looked down for its romantic ecstasy. Nikhil has a job to finish for his boss Hemant in Nasik. But the creepy feelings compelled him, tied him for something possibly ghostly. His boss’s dead wife (Shanipriya) haunts him for an investigation that should have carried out when she was killed mercilessly. Hemant hid the truth from his daughter Samar. Why?

There are many surprises in the story, families and their dark secrets; one truth Nikhil learns about Samara’s mother. She was killed and her report was fabricated. Second, the blue sapphire didn’t suit Nikhil, but it helped to find out the real killer of Shanipriya. The ending may surprise you but Nisha did her best to string out the great reveal.

The language was simple, the plot and climax was enjoyable, even memorable if you aren’t great fan of particular detective series of Dirk Pitt of Clive Cussler or Cormoran Strike of Robert Galbraith. This novel moves at its own pace, no police or detective, the lead characters find the mess happened in the house that was awaiting both: justice and renovation.

After starting the novel I was really into it and had no plans to drop it or flit the pages hastily. I was enjoying its mild storytelling that was credible and of course highly readable. The novel transforms light and shaky beginning into an underlying mystery feel by the end. Sometimes, we need escapes from mainstream heavy thriller literature, this one makes up for that perfectly.

If you liked the review and found story interesting, you can pick up the novel from Amazon Kindle.

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