Book Review: An Imperishable Promise by Sarathi Sabyasachi Sahoo

Love is more than a feeling and every love story is tested by destiny? If you don’t believe my words, in all your senses you need to pick up Sarathi Sabyasachi Sahoo’s classic romance novel, ‘An Imperishable Promise’. Heed on its tagline: If Afterlife Is True, Will You Still Come to Me?

This is not just a tagline, it’s rather a question and as I read it from cover to cover, I got my answers. Did you too? Basically, it’s a romance novel with supernatural elements towards the end. The story starts with two best friends living in Mumbai, working professionals: Deepak and Raj. The former is a shy and simple guy, while the latter is holding nothing less than a playboy image. Raj is good at flirting, changing girlfriends, and party dude stuff.

At one evening, Deepak falls in love at first sight with a girl named Kashish in a restaurant. He being a diffident guy takes the help of Raj. Raj scans the girl’s whereabouts from his experience on social media and begins chatting with her posing himself as Deepak. It goes on for many months. The girl falls head over heels for him. Soon Deepak and Kashish hang out, meet-ups take place, and even plans for a marriage. But the feeling of love is missing. Reasons are obvious. She loved the guy who chatted and that is Raj.

Fast forward…they confess. Raj and Kashish get married and Deepak remains the best friend to both. Here onwards, the novel shifts to their life story of fun, vacation, buying a cottage in Nainital. Their life is perfect until a road accident in Goa separates them. The chaos of destiny starts from here. Who is dead and who is alive? What about the promises that the couple had when Raj had a minor heart attack years back?

You need to be a focused reader to understand the crux of the story post accident. Kashish is dead. Raj gone mad, living alone in his hilly cottage, chasing the shadows of Kashish. He talks to a spirit, sees her, interacts like any other human being. But will he die to come together with her spirit? Wait a minute, the story changes the track…what if Kashish is alive and Raj is dead. Urging her to join him in the afterlife love…will they be together forever. Can death of Kashish unite them forever? A fabulous drama of emotions grip the novel as it nears its ending. It will bring you an immense delight to finally know who is who and how? This is a great romance novel I have ever read by today’s authors.

Initially the story is slow but later on it picks up momentum and kept me hooked till I figured out the real sensation in this romantic thriller. From story to characters and climax, all was solid and put a great show. The novel is worth your attention if you are looking for a deep yet different love story. Language is super cool…I had got into no misery understanding lucid narration. Superb novel!!

If you liked the review and found story interesting, you can pick up the novel from Amazon and Kindle.

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