Book Review – People & Places: Walk My Journey by Husna Kassim

Husna Kassim’s non-fiction People & Places: Walk My Journey combines mostly her travel experiences across the world and some snatches of memoir from her life. You could make a list of special pointers that she mentioned in the book while traveling in those countries.

The book evokes a sense of being a traveler and transports the readers along her side. One thing that I liked is that she did not forget to promote her own country’s tourist attraction i.e. Malaysian beaches and villages (she calls them kampongs). The book sets out to show you Malaysia and it does wonderfully.

The book is decidedly readable and operates as a source of information for magazine travel writers and bloggers, particularly those special pictures of that camp fire in a Sahara desert, finding alleys in Antalya of Turkey, writing a note about Malaysia’s popular kite maker, and soaking in the beaches of her native country…the list is long. But the more you fall for it, the longer delighted your soul is. Some of her travel write ups have been published in famous magazines, the book houses those essays/articles too.

The second part of the book is less on travel info but more on essays and articles she might have covered in different magazine issues. Other than being a brave traveler, she is a prolific writer as well. I intent to know more about her life in the UK. If she comes with that, I would really spare time to go about it. Since ‘People & Places’ is a direct book to experience the travel fun, I am not going inside its skin to bring much spoiler alerts. You better pick it up on Kindle and have your fun.

Stopping here! Let the images take the review ahead.

Loved the places! Do a favour, get it from Kindle Store/KDP Subscription.

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