Book Review: Living the Practice (Volume 1) the Way of Love by Rohini Ralby

The realms of spiritual practice are as vast as ocean with unknown depths. Across the world there are thousands of practices and venerable figures to follow and mostly come from India if we talk about Nirvana, Moksha, and Hinduism, which is a way of life.

Living the Practice by Rohini Ralby is a resourceful compilation of teachings that a disciple is spreading across the world. Rohini is a follower and an ardent fan of her Guru Swami Muktananda Paramahamsa, who passed away in 1982. Since then Rohini is spreading his life preaching to the world. The book is volume one in context of the way of love. It lays emphasis on love…true love of the universe, with connection to god.

I personally found book focusing on realization of self, seeking true love, and truth of life…while a second hand look to ignorance and shrunken self. Thus, right at the book’s beginning; the author brings ignorance and shrunken self into limelight, which lays the base of the book’s scaffold. However, as I chugged ahead I discovered that the author is doling out ways and methods to gain peace and true love in life. I also feel that the book aims to make us settle with ourselves peacefully. For doing that its one of the strongest tools is fourchotomy. What is this? It is a powerful tool to fog away the mist of illusions from our life.

It works on the gap that exists between two opposite feelings, see this below and try to decipher what it wants to convey.

Owned | Free

Cared for | Unloved

The book’s content is spiritually matured. For a naïve reader, it might throw some grasping challenges. It’s rather subtle, and meant for those who are already in the spiritual practice. I grew admirer of the author well before I could finish the book, because of poems and paintings that are rampant throughout the book.

I personally loved the poem, are you talkin to me…

It’s a perfect epitome of how we are tied to the hedonism of the world but don’t realize that we have to go away from the chains of birth and death, leaving all behind that we created for us. Beautifully roped-in with absolute wordsmithing!

Rohini’s elucidation on love and vibration, is another classic find in the book. I took time to get it, but finally its subtleness mesmerized me. We mistook vibrations of rituals, systems, and beliefs as love. A pure love emanates from heart, not from anything else.

“When “love” is an idea, there is no love. It is impossible to perpetuate Love if we don’t want to be in the Heart.”

Don’t twist love for self interests. Live it from the bottom of heart.

The idea of the book and its deliverables are indeed eye-opening, fascinating, and moving to some extent. I am not frequented by spiritual practices, yet, however, the book has had a moving effect on me. I am feeling sublime about my life and love that change with my mood. I recommend this book for the peace of life. Great work!!

If you liked the review and inquisitive about the book, please get your copy from Amazon/Kindle.

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