Book Review: Trust Your Instincts by Janvee Menghrajani

Trust Your Instincts by Janvee Menghrajani is a short delightful read. The book explores the author’s teenage phase of life. It’s a crucial stage in one’s life as we form perceptions about the world while having mentality gap with our parents and elders. Inevitably, teenage is a rebellious spell of life. Ironically, if you look down the memory lane, you may find it funny to laugh at your juvenile contemplations.

In particular, this book reflects the teenage journey of the author…how she dealt with it and how she coped up with the realities of the outer world. The instant realization and analysis of life doesn’t come up then, it settles down like dust, and as we cogitate in silence the deeds and doings of yesteryears catch up with us.

The first chapter lays focus on the nitty-gritty of being a teenager who is not so accustomed to change but eventually hits it by getting acquainted with others, friends, relatives and so on. The author takes us through her journey of growing up. As you chug ahead in the story, she lays vital focus on her college life. But it’s also true that whatever we do in our teenage spell is nothing but a bundle of “Firsts.” The first booze, the first fag, the first bunk, the first love…etc.

Janvee is absolute right in expressing that during teenage we seek all aspects of life outside, rather than finding it in ourselves.

Without 12th class coverage, teenage life is incomplete. This part is quite relatable to all as we all go through peer and societal pressure. The author did beat all the odds by going private.

She has brilliant college coverage to offer. She did a four years engineering course. Of which, the first and the last year was important. In her first year, she was barely surviving while in the last years she was bracing herself for the outer world that was waiting to immolate her. Another fascinating aspect is the choice of career. Though being an engineer, she opted to land in writing field. However, her parents have tough time understanding her out-of-light career.

Though one cannot be wise with full of wisdom in teenage, however, this book put forwards some meaningful life lessons such as believing your intuition, being calm in self-doubt situations, things are the way they are, change is natural and much more.

The book is a medley of part memories, influences, and philosophies through the lenses of Janvee’s honest account. She was widely moved by Oprah Winfrey and APJ Kalam.

“I saw an interview in which Oprah quotes, “Youngsters think that success is going to happen like that (in a snap), what they don’t know is, there’s a process to it.”

The more you talk and think about the book, the less it is. Janvee equips her book with incredible philosophies that look basic and vital, especially when you look back at your growing years. From being an obstinate child to school to college time to first rejection and job – she has all that you did or wanted to do when you were in her spell.

If you liked the review and feel curious about the book, please buy a copy for yourself from Amazon/Kindle.

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