Book Review: Selling from Your Comfort Zone by Stacey Hall

Being a student I had never imagined that one day I would be living purely by making sales, day in…day out. Worldwide, the sales is looked upon a deplorable career, promising frustration and nothing else. Indeed it’s true in a country like India, where a sales profession ought to go through a peculiar scrutiny.

Stacey Hall comes to the rescue. She strives to challenge old school myth of pushy, spammy, and tedious sales tactics. Her latest book ‘Selling from Your Comfort Zone’ is a total worth of time and efforts. I loved each and every part of it. I read it slowly, consumed it like a medicinal dose. It was imperative for me, as being a book marketing blogger, I cannot afford paid social media ads, and that dreading cold calling – so boring and demotivating.

Thus, I learned from this book to be honest with my work that is my calling. I need to connect with customers with my core values within the parameters of my comfort zone. Earlier I had a vague idea about it, now I have learnt it like a pro. Credit to Stacey Hall!!

The book is mainly about alignment marketing formula that is developed by considering aspects like core values, beliefs, I care about you, and much more in between. The book altogether introduces a new set of sales techniques, abandoning decades old sales songs like ABC, me-me-me approach, cold calling. Instead of all this pesky stuff, Hall tells us to leverage the power of social media. She narrates the scenarios with particular examples of fitness and skin products.

I really loved that never in the book the author said that you could sell anything. She understood the human psychic that we sell what we can connect with. I connect with books, so I sell book reviews. I will be uncomfortable selling clothing, as I never personally connected with glamorous couture.

The book is as useful to other sales professionals as I found it for myself. It is full of USPs, sadly I cannot be on a spoiler alert. But at the least I can say align yourself, your comfort zone is your power zone. The author taught me how to connect with prospects with empathy, heart, trust to build long-lasting relationship for profitable sales.

I loved the book, for it is about being honest in sales. Honesty works everywhere. It is a new beginning for me. I will keep this book handy to revisit valuable tips repetitively.

If you are serious about sales that bring growth and fortune and peace of mind, this is the book for you.

Pick up your paperback, Kindle, and audio book from Amazon.

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