Book Review: Comprehensive General Knowledge Ready Referencer 2022 by B R Leelashree

This book needs no formal introduction. General Knowledge (GK) is a widely sought-after subject in the landscape of Indian competitive exams. GK is considered the backbone of any competitive exam preparation. The more one is thoroughly acquainted with it, the bright are the chances of clearing the prelims and mains exams, even it helps in interviews.

This book is a ready referencer – it means aspirants can look at it any random day in any fashion and they will come out with some GK insights. Since the book is majorly in objective type format, it’s easy to learn by flitting a glance whenever need arose.

The highlights of the book are printed all over the front and back cover, making it self-revelatory. Some of the key points are:

  • 25000 General Knowledge Facts
  • 6000 Facts in General English
  • 410 GK/English Topics Covered
  • 18 Mock Test Papers and much more…

The book delivers perfect sachets of GK for smart and fast learners through 15 Modules. Of which 12 are straight for learning GK facts. Let’s see them all through a short table of content.

  • Module 1: General Facts
  • Module 2: India Related Facts
  • Module 3: About Indian Defence Forces
  • Module 4: Indian Railways Facts
  • Module 5: General Science
  • Module 6: Geographic Facts
  • Module 7: History
  • Module 8: Space Facts – India & World
  • Module 9: Sports
  • Module 10: Banking
  • Module 11: Computer Awareness
  • Module 12: General English
  • Module 13: GK Questions & Answers
  • Module 14: Mock Test Papers
  • Module 15: Supplementary General Science Facts

Talking about its usefulness, it is a go-getter nearly for all government exams, including MBA preparation. The author has specific appeal for exams like RRB, SSC, IBPS, RPF, SPSC, and much more.

Another great thing about the book is that aspirants can use this book to conduct self GK exams individually or in group. And GK is one such subject, the more you prepare, it still sounds like a drop in the ocean. All modules are compiled with great gusto and immaculate acumen. The author leaves her evident caliber through this book. From simple GK to who was who to space to Computer Shortcuts and English abbreviation, the book’s scope is higher like a horizon. Never underestimate a book by its cover or a few highlights, better take a dive in it, you will come out with hands full of knowledge.

Tip for the students, see the modules, pick the one that needs your preparation. Alternatively, you can use it for revisions on daily or weekly basis. A well deserving GK book for competitive exams, superb and budget friendly. Not tagged by boundaries, it can be picked up by any student across the country, as it is written in such a lucid and simple language that it is friendly to be a part of their resource material. All in all, a useful and lovely book in the realms of GK preparation.

Available on Amazon India  

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