Book Review: The Land of Ataraxia Genesis by SS Merce

Fantasy genre books don’t frequent me often. And whenever I have, I read with total conviction. There is something newness about fantasy thrillers. First off, the adventure and action- packed scenes are around the corner, and that omnipresent magic never stops befuddling us.

SS Merce’s ‘The Land of Ataraxia Genesis’ is a good but slightly heavy fantasy thriller novel. The story sounds like a Hollywood movie, or in most recent sense, a Netflix historical drama. Right since the beginning I got the hunch that the novel is infested with a long list of characters and I finally found out that on the ship captain matters and few troublemakers.

The ship is famous for quests. It’s out to find someone but by stroke of fate they are trapped in the land of Ataraxia which further has quite a number of kingdoms (Naagam, Nesrin, Harmaa, Aceso, Cozen, Ascian, Kural, Sorin). These kingdoms run on aether – a sort of bloodline thing in the folks.

The novel has intrinsic stories of each realm and character, from the frontline I liked story of Chloe and Rayleigh, whose parents belonged to Titans with dark family lineage.

On the other hand, the captain Magellan and his assistant Kai and many boatswain and crew are fazed by Academy of Sorin. It’s a vicious place with clever Mavens. Since I am familiar with Greek gods and clans, and some Netflix characters, I hadn’t had much difficulty understanding the nature of story and its allied characters.

In nutshell, the novel is about quests and finding aethers of others to decimate one clan’s own sins and misdeeds. The Land of Ataraxia Genesis is a promising read from a young author. Merce’s narration is familiar to her imagination, she builds and names places like a pro. She doesn’t spoon fed instead let readers interpret what could be next awaiting in the adventures of an unknown seas and queer archipelagos. A saga of powerful narrative with vivid imagination at the core of the story!

If you liked my review, go ahead and order the book from Amazon or Kindle.

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