Book Review: Night Watchman Pvt Ltd by Naveen Kundra

I have been reading many crime thriller novels of Indian and abroad authors since I was in college. But the search to find something new takes me to new novels and my TBR is like always rising. After much time on my TBR, finally I was able to finish Night Watchman Pvt Ltd by Naveen Kundra. The novel is humours, sarcastic, and little bit futuristic…wait I will come to the point as the review chugs ahead with pros and cons.

The author has changed the name of cities and states deliberately, as it also sounds funny. The storyline is engrossing yet it makes fun of many aspects, be it women, men or animals or a place.

The novel is set against Dhan Nagari in Great State. As I got under its skin, and buzz of familiarity begin its siren. Names changed but the story is of Mumbai, Maharashtra. As the novel opens up CM Yudhisthir Sanghvi is restless. The city Dhan Nagari is gripped by terror. A killer is out on the streets. It must be stopped. But who is the killer and how it can be stopped? That’s another story in the novel!! Absolutely gripping one!

Fast forward, Sanjay Dhingra comes to the city of dreams Dhan Nagari to start his venture: Night Watchman Pvt Ltd. Earlier he had a good job at a high position in a different city.

As the novel progresses, we see that Sanjay’s entrepreneurial journey is not that easy. He literally struggles for office, place, and people to hire. He invented ground breaking product: Janwar Bhagao (JB). It can keep animals away from human premises. However, he didn’t know that spy from his earlier company and political connections can destabilize him.

He struggles a lot, many people betray him, but success doesn’t elude him. The novel excellently explores the tough side of being a modern entrepreneur. However, a trap is set in such a way that finally Sanjay has to put his best or to leave everything behind. Will he be able to stand once against on his classic wits? Can he outsmart the agencies of government?

From story front, it’s a good novel. But the author has used at places profane language in Hinglish…like ek lund sarkar, and women were not appreciated that way. But he stood with animals…no doubt about it. Kali was absolutely stunning.   

Naveen Kundra’s idea to incubate futuristic technology with fiction worked well. The novel scores high on entertainment. In fact, the novel can be a spicy Bollywood movie or some web series on OTT platforms. The only con is its oversize, it could have been penned down in 300 pages.

If you liked the review, order your copy from Amazon/Kindle.

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