Book Review: Diary of a Whimsical Lover by Gaurav Sharma

Have you ever felt bounded to a simple and charming love story?  Yes, I have been recently. I am talking about ‘Diary of a Whimsical Lover’ written by the author Gaurav Sharma, who earlier wrote a mythology series. This romance novel is really lovely, sweet, and charming. I loved reading this story, and I would definitely say that this is my kind of love story to read as I am a tad bit introvert.

The story has not many characters because the lead character Gaurav lives in Vancouver. Being a foreigner there, he hardly has a handful of people to interact and meet with.  

I really loved and liked the main characters: Gaurav and Maya. They are somewhat mature, strong, determined, slightly stubborn, passionate, and looking to set their lives in their career.

Maya is a daughter of Mrs. Caul, she is a good chirpy lady with two daughters, the other being Lalita. Lalita has very little role to play, like driving the plot ahead in between as a catalytic agent. Lalita could sense that Gaurav is changing in love. However, he was a bit uncomfortable approaching her. It was funny. Maya and Lalita are sisters. Lalita has an affair with Kev, once a roommate of Gaurav.

Gaurav trundles a lot in Vancouver for a job but finds one in some far-away island, Victoria. He wasn’t able to find a place to live in, thus, helped by Mrs. Caul at her home, where also lived Maya and Lalita.

Maya and Gaurav connect mentally. They chat, cuddle at times, go out for driving and ice cream. But he is hesitant to express his complete feelings for her, fearing being ridiculed.

He tries to establish a connection in her heart. Even she responds but it’s like suspense whether she likes him or not. Maya maybe considering him a casual friend but Gaurav is dead series about her. The story fills with Gaurav’s inhabitations, imagination, hallucinating, soliloquies and moments spent with Maya. One moment there looks love between them but another moment its surety is on the tenterhooks. Hope I am not getting under the skin of the story plot. No spoiler alerts!

If it’s not a story of unrequited or one-sided love, then it could be all about secret crush. I wish the author could have given it a proper ending. He left it on a cliffhanger. Don’t know…why?

Both these characters have been sketched really well. The chemistry between them is mild brew. Their quick and witty comebacks were a treat to read. I loved their not-so-loud bantering and bickering. And I loved the way Gaurav slowly changes in the later part of the story, when he is around Maya.

Diary of a Whimsical Lover is entertaining, and flows smoothly. The book has been edited well, also complimented with cool writing style. The language is flawless and the narration is superb. I highly recommend this book to all romance lovers.

Curious enough, order a copy for yourself from Amazon India or Kindle.

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