Book Review: Made in Future: A Story of Marketing, Media, and Content for Our Times by Prashant Kumar

Being a blogger influencer and digital marketing professional, I know the true potential and value of this book. Lucky me to have found this book by an industry expert, such books are rare!!

Made in Future: A Story of Marketing, Media, and Content for Our Times by Prashant Kumar is a treasure trove that cannot be ignored by bloggers, influencers, marketers, ambitious corporate people, and above all for those entrepreneurs who have put their life in the marketplaces. The length and breadth of the book is extensive, its coverage on marketing approaches, history, disruption, future is simply lollapalooza.

I sighed in appreciation for the author as he knows so much about marketing…simply superb and amusing. I have read many short e-books on marketing tips, tricks, strategies, and what not…but this one blows me out. The author takes time to define and explain all things that matter in the marketing. He begins with types of marketplaces, rules, customer positioning, brand strategies, social media cause and effect. He explains with perfect examples and analogies. For instance, he talked about the ruination of Tata Nano due to negative marketing, and on the other hand how Apple products lead the race because of superb UX.

But the best part that I liked from the book was based on social media. He explained some eight parts and parcel of it, including social media crises. But it was really a takeaway for me, since I am someone who is dependent on social media ads for revenue for our business.

Right since the beginning you will notice that the author included data and technology in every aspect of marketing because it’s future. Marketing is nothing without data and tech trends. Data with technology is considered IR 4.0. It means industrial revolution 4.0.

The book offers great insights into everything related to new-age marketing. I could not grasp all in one reading, so I made personal notes for referring over and again. The take on marketing is simply superb and engrossing and way ahead than time. Reading with patience such a great book means witnessing a change in life. Prashant’s control over language, presentation of facts and brands’ success/failure stories take the book to a different level. The more I praise this book, the less it’s going to be.

Order your copy from Amazon/Kindle.

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