Book Review: Subtle Thoughts by Jithu Biji Thomas

I have been reading Jithu Biji Thomas since the first lockdown, back in 2020. He is excellent with his short books on KDP, and mostly pens down short books that are easy to read and enjoy. I support and wait books – for his simple language usage and thin books. So, today I am going to provide a short review for a short book.

‘Subtle Thoughts’ offers 18 very short stories that hardly stretch up to 2 pages. The book’s readability is high and fine. It’s based on some abstract, impromptu thinking pattern of our mind. The stories explore the other side of our unconventional thinking and way of seeing things from a different perspective.

Jithu is bit poetic with this book, as each story is preceded by a short poem. And that’s really good one. As the train of stories commences, the author in the first story, explores what happens to a man breathing his last, will he meet the God whom he kept imagining all his life, but couldn’t understand. How the world would have shaped if there had been 4 days weekend pattern, instead of the current 2-day system. I found it quite hilarious but anything is possible post Covid pandemic.

Next, he takes stance on animals ancestors holding on someone’s property. A cute girl asks pesky questions about the enmity between moon and sun. In one story a rain lover gets depressed by torrential pouring. He sought balance in life but nature tested him. Likewise whether it’s about God, religion, gossiping around the street, life in a futuristic world, or trial in animal kingdom – Jithu’s stories will keep us hooked to his unique way of narration. His selection of stories is common yet hidden and often not discussed in our societies.

The USP of the book is that it can be read anytime, and many a time. You will not get bored for sure. The book is available in both formats; however, I had my read on Kindle.

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