Book Review: 5000 Years Back by Neetika Maheshwari Kasat

5000 Years Back by Neetika Maheshwari Kasat is a lovely, amazing, and light novel with great messages for the today’s teenage generation. The narration is contemporary, however, the storyline follows the epic Mahabharata. In fact, this novel is a new modern Mahabharata with familiar characters. The lead guys are Aarj and Duro, who are none other than Arjun and Duroyudhan from Mahabharata.

Their rivalry is same: deceit for prejudice, superiority, and wealth is unchanged. Yudi and his 4 brothers are sidelined by Duro and party. The Yudi group gets nothing except misery and poverty. Uncle Kris, a familiar character of Lord Krishna from Mahabharata, vows to help Yudi group. Aarj is hurt and vows to seek revenge from Duro at the first opportunity.

Since in modern days archery has faded out, the author takes the battle and fight for justice ahead through inventing boxing in the story. Yes, Duro and Aarj are world-class fighters. In a boxing event, they eventually come face-to-face. The winner will get the whole wealth and assets of the loser. For Aarj this is a golden opportunity to seek the balance of revenge, to get hold what is dutifully theirs.

As Aarj about to get in the ring, he is confused and unwilling to kill or beat anyone. He does not want wealth and superiority over anyone. He wishes to lead a simple life. There starts the major work of Uncle Kris, as Lord Krishna did in Mahabharata when Arjun feels depressed about going to the war.

The next part of the book is 18 episodes, in a timeless classic conversation. This is like moral part. Kris takes Aarj through the ocean of knowledge and wisdom that can make any individual great. This was slightly heavy and redundant yet I enjoyed the preaching. It was about the origin of knowledge that took place around 120 billion years back but came in the limelight 5000 years ago at the time of epic Mahabharata. Not only this, there are scores of morale-boosting things. I know I cannot discuss all here. You better pick up this book and read it with your convenient pace, not to forget the colourful illustrations make the book highly readable.

Neetika is an innovative sort of writer. It’s evident that she has deep knowledge about Hinduism and its allied mythology and holy scriptures. Such knowledge, delivered in such simple narration. Commendable job by the author! Great work! Loved this novel for its authentic innovation.

Buy from Amazon/Kindle.

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