Book Review: Why Should I Worry When I can Face the World? by Shibu Nair

It’s been a decade that I am into self-help books…finding meaning to my life that is ever changing and evolving. From theories to DIY to banal lecturing, I have had enough of them. So, the question is what new can we find in a self-help book that wants us to set on a good life? My experience says connectivity…yes you heard it right.

You might have stumbled across self-help genre books from new to established authors across the world. But my question is, were you able to connect with what they were prophesying.

My latest affair with Shibu Nair’s book – Why Should I Worry When I can Face the World? – was heartfelt. The book was original and real in delivering what it intended to.

Segmented into around 11 chapters, this book is simple and pragmatic. It’s not banal or boring with its content. Reasons are clear! Each chapter commences up with a quote, and the real content is then nudged ahead by some credible story, and it ends with a note for oneself.

The book not only provides easy and rich reading experience but also full of major takeaways. I personally liked coverage on “what if” thoughts, indeed truly they are destructive and make us slave of negative thoughts. The story of John, hollering about cancer fits exactly in the scenario.

The book is rich with its topics: it covers gratitude, positive thinking, thinking about past, relationship and much more. In the fifth chapter, I grew emotional and felt sad for the loss of son of the author. Yet, he strives hard to tell that we should not worry about the past as it cannot be controlled or modified. Live in the moment is a classic tip from the book, and should be implemented by everyone.

Shibu’s book reads like a fiction, or say collection of short stories. In its essence the book aims to help us but its façade also entertains us with meaningful stories from others lives.

Despite its genre, the book is fast-paced. Shibu’s way of narration is superb and simple. He did good research for this book, it was quite evident from his authorship. I may forget this book with passage of time like other books but some of the stories will never leave my subconscious. Simple self-help books leave their influence, even if we move on and find new words.

Get your copy from Amazon/Kindle.

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