Book Review: Embracing God in the Right Perspective with the Right Foundation of Faith in Him Volume I by Chris Tham

Since I am born in a diverse country like India where religions play important role in defining life and career, I stick to knowledge of only Islam and Hinduism. I have seen many movies and TV series on their mythological characters, battles, and rituals. Introduction to the world-famous religion Christianity is less available, and it’s neither so prevalent in our country.

So, Chris Tham’s book is my first introduction to the faith and people of Christians. I am aware that they have segments like Syrian, Catholic, Protestant and few more…but in the end they all pray to Jesus Christ, whom they consider son of God. Chris Tham’s book is a Christian book that is part theological and part religious. It affirmatively tries to re-instate that Jesus Christ was way larger than his glory. He sacrificed and accepted death for the lineage of Adam humanity. He freed us from the death – after his crucifixion we are now all children of God in the realm of spirit.


Since we are assigned to have a faith after we are born, being an educated person it’s absolutely an obligation to delve deep in our religion’s roots. Thus, Chris delves deep in the preaching of Bible and praises Lord Jesus, he doesn’t do it solely, he rather takes along with him Jesus’ apostles and excerpts from the versions of Bible. The book has a guiding perspective, all basic questions pertaining to faith and religion and Jesus are answered dutifully. I personally amassed a lot of information about Christianity and Jesus. Yeah…at some point of time, I had difficulty seeing the direct excerpts from apostles or Biblical books but a little bit Google search put me back in the reading tandem.

For a non-Christian like me, I had to read the book twice to see through the eyes of the author. The best part of the book was knowledge with God’s enlightenment that is called truth. In another matter, the author posits that flesh is the cause of all sorrow and sins and death of us. Jesus came to the earth to set us free from the flesh and its allied proclivities. The expanse of the Christianity is lucidly summarized with the help of scriptures from the history.

Embracing God in the Right Perspective with the Right Foundation of Faith in Him Volume I by Chris Tham is indeed an insightful book to start your Christian chapters for sure. There is a lot to talk about but I feel it’s a good idea if readers pick up the book and find out answers to their daily questions related to Christian faith.

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