Book Review: Roving Eyes (Love, Lust & Battles of Indian Royalty) by S. Mahesh

This is an absolute masterpiece from the author. I immediately fell in love with the book upon seeing its enticing cover page. History has been my favourite subject since school days, and I heard about almost all great kings from our history and mythology. Hence, when I began reading this book, I could connect and easily understand the context of stories.

Roving Eyes is a magnificent work from the author, he brings alive 12 stories from the history where women led by front without using weapons and armory to outline kingdoms and avoid sanguinary battles and kept the hope of millions of people alive.

My personal favourite is the love story of Helana and Chandragupta. Just one sight of Helana in the enemy camp, and years of war preparation took backseat for love and heart songs. This story also explores the other side of European invaders that tried to enter Bharata that time.

Not to play spoilsport, I was intrigued by the great character sketching of women – from time and again they showed their mettle, soft and beautiful heart to win not only kings and princes but also readers like me.

I sighed in appreciation for the author as he built and delivered great stories with lovely climax in such a short span of wording. Otherwise, doing so much in just a short story is really unbelievable.

If you think women were not developed in ancient historical time and did not contribute towards the well-being of kingdoms and their people, you must then pick up this book and clear your doubts.

Except a few stories, rest of them placed in very ancient times. I was overwhelmed by their diversity. Mahesh’s narration and depiction of events and circumstances is a work of a superb flair. I liked he genuinely narrated the story without any element of fakeness or shallow imagination.

Curious enough?? Better pick up your read from Amazon or Kindle.

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