Book Review: Hang On A Second Wind by Eshwarmurthy G Pillai

It’s not hidden from the world that every year India loses many of its farmers due to bad conditions and mainly because of agricultural loans. Farmers take loan to perform better with their crop but many a time unwanted rain or draught plays the spoilsport. Finding no option of paying the loan back, many commit suicide.

E. Pillai’s novel “Hang On A Second Wind” brings a similar fate story for us. It features Subodh Kadale from Maharashtra. Due to no rains, his agricultural loan turns into bad debts. Finding no option and bereaved of hope, he opts to commit suicide by running into a railway track. However, fate plays its role, a small girl interrupts him. She was the victim of similar fate. Her father committed suicide, which caused a lot of problem to her family.

Taking the life in right direction from here onwards, Subodh bows not to die but instead work hard to recover from his bad debt. Rest of the novel is about his struggle with the society and himself. Some people help him to go ahead in life but mainly it was his struggle that shines in the end. Subodh sets example for others and begins a sort of awareness campaign.

Subodh’s story is incredible, I have heard of similar stories in news and social media. This book brought me close to one such story and I felt motivated on one side and felt sad for the farmers suffering under the bad loans.

The writer must have done great amount of research or witnessed farmers closely to come up with such a brilliant yet intense story. Though it’s fictional novel but I feel as I am reading someone’s life story in real. With great message, we can still do a lot for our farmers. This book is written in that direction to support them. You must try it once.

Buy from Amazon/Kindle.

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