Book Review: UPSC Quotes Handbook by Piyush Rohankar, DANICS

UPSE CE also referred as IAS exams is one of the toughest exams in India. Those who clear the mains and sit for interviews, consider them getting some rank in the government of India. I have seen students preparing for this exam for many years yet fail to clear it. This is a life-changing exam, once cleared you get your dream-like job with full facilities.

Preliminary, mains, and then interview… Out of these three, mains and interview are tough to crack and to get under the merit list. Students or aspirants across the country put their soul to clear this exam. If you rummage articles or resources online you will find thousands of tips and tricks to through the exams but all is insipid if it doesn’t come from the ones who cleared it.

I never knew that ‘quotes’ is one of the vital parts of the exams strategies. Aspirants can use quotes in essay and mains and interviews to increase their chances of impressing the examiner. Based on quotes, there comes a useful handy book for the aspirants of UPSC CE.

“UPSC Quotes Handbook” by Piyush Rohankar, DANICS. The book is like a key to success in IAS mains and interview. The book has 322 pages, 143 chapters, and over thousand quotes. The book is set in alphabetically order. The quotes are of famous and eminent personalities of the world. Some quotes are anonymous too. These quotes are from the topics that are often covered in the IAS exams. These quotes are not on love or romance or on vague philosophy of life. The quotes are targeted to subjects that UPSE aspirants read about and learn. I cannot give what my favourite quotes are or from whom…because the book is exhaustive and I recommend if you read it with patience. Though the book is for IAS aspirants but it can also be used by others to magnify their persona or thought process.

Buy the book from Amazon.

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