Book Review: Pebbles by Ketaki Aikat

For me life is an amazing experience and I often seek books that either eulogize it or bring discussion on it in a poetic and prose manner. Pebbles by Ketaki Aikat is one such good book that entails various themes of life such as love, uncertainty, time, determination, mettle of the soul, and much more.

As the book starts, the prose and poems are short but towards the end it is as long as two pages. In most of the poetic musings the author brings ahead her personal thoughts and observation engraved in life that she might have gathered over the years. The first poem encourages us to keep going along the way even if we get to see pebbles, not the diamonds. But at the same time it’s also said that you never know what worth these pebbles can bring in our life. So basically, as I gather this poem is about gaining experience in the journey of life.

“Gather pebbles along the trail…

Let time reveal their priceless worth!”

I personally like short and initial poems on time, love, trust, and inspiration. At times, there are a few poems that I couldn’t get in one go, like the number #7, I think which was based on love in peril. Another poem that I like to bring to your notice is #8…built around trust. It clears the air about the person who betrays and the one who gets betrayed.

“Trust is a double –edged sword…

It kills the betrayed forthwith…

…and the betrayer gradually!”

Despite a mixed theme, the book holds a positive vibe for its readers. In most of the poems Ketaki instilled a sense of optimism for all of us. Pebbles by Ketaki Aikat is a lovely book for all occasions, it can lift up your mood, provide you with a soothing balm before you retire after a chaotic day.

If you liked the review, please do a favour on the author by buying and reviewing her book. You can buy it from Amazon/Kindle.

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