Book Review: Love Science by Surajit Roy

Love Science by Surajit Roy is an insightful book on love and its layers. The author put across his theories and concepts about love that govern its psychology. It’s not a simple book because we cannot understand love so easily. Like always this too is a better attempt to understand the complex nature of love. But above all I can say that the author highlighted the points that work in love or romance like respect, trust, security and a few more points. Overall, the book is short but also provides an interesting way to peep in the ocean of feelings that are associated with love and romance.

All in all, there are 5 topics and then these are further expanded into short ones. I could not understand much about biochemistry but reading this excerpt makes me to think about it.

“The biochemistry of love comes from the oxytocin receptors. This hormone is important for the expulsion of a big-brained baby. When a parent is stressed the oxytocin receptors are stimulated to release a hormone called oxytocin. This oxytocin is a critical component of our relationships. interestingly, research on how we love helps us understand our own emotions and the nature of the brain.”

 I think this biochemistry is more about biological or chemical reaction that we humans have necessary to feel love. Is it right that hormones like oxytocin receptor work in making our love life? What I mean to say is that the book is more for students than the general audience. But its title will turn your head and you may pick it up on impulse. Roy’s writing was cool, he tried a lot to put the love thing straight through his research and insights but he should have included some great love stories. On the entertainment part, you will have the company of Hindi songs that try to sum up the sub topics for you before you read. The book is targeted for the Indian readers, I believe. I read somewhere that this book maps the length and breadth of love by doing its back stage anatomy. I conclude in the end – is romance your thing? Are you already in love…wants to understand her/him and align yourself with their expectations, better you understand what love is.

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