Book Review: The Flower of Fulfillment by Sanath Kumar Naibhi

The Flower of Fulfillment by Sanath Kumar Naibhi is a self-help book on understanding life and offers many insights that can work in favour of improving overall quality of our life.

The cover page and the title provide hunch about the book…yet you need to stick with it, read it completely with patience. Self-help books are easy to spot on, they impress with the blurb, but when you begin reading you have to have more reasons to carry it forward.

I know all self-help books are designed and presented in such a way that they claim to change our life as soon as we finish reading. Now…listen to me – self-help books test you, they aren’t easy like romance or war-fiction. Putting honestly, I had tough time grabbing the real essence of this book but I, at the same time, also found it unique and different.

The unique characteristic of this book is that the author sums up his theory and methodologies towards life which he gained from reading other self-help books. He has given that list at the end of the book.

Not beating around the bush, finally the book comes to one point – what fulfills life. After impressive chapters on desire, wish, intent, and dream and a few life models, the book finally unveils the flower of fulfillment concept and shows how each of its petal work towards the fulfillment.

Before I talk a lot about the book’s soul, let me tell you that it narrates its unique concepts and assumptions through two characters namely Henry and Samartha. I got the insights about fulfillment which is nothing but balancing the life in all circumstances.

The real thing that I wanted to take away from the book is 5I’s of Success.

  • Imagination
  • Inspiration
  • Intention
  • Intelligence
  • Intuition

Why this is important? People often, including think that success is as good as leading a fulfilled life. But that’s not the case is…success can be short term but fulfillment is never ending. One has to keep striving for a balanced life. Even if one goes through tough time, one also gets good time to see in life. Thus balanced life is far-reaching than a successful life.

Sanath via this book shares his ideologies and methods that he assumed worked for him, but it will work for others or not is not guaranteed. So, you can grab what you liked or what can work for you…implementing all things you studied here is not mandatory. In fact self-help books work like this only. Take what suits you, leave the rest.

Sanath writes with absolute clarity but the book is still tough to comprehend in one go. Anyway, there are many things that worked for me. Hence, I recommend this book.

Take your copy from Amazon/Kindle.

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