Book Review: Melange by Dr Prakriti L Thapa

Poetry is reckoned as best medium to express what churns beneath our heart. Whether it is unrequited love, tragic heartbreaks, or unbridled desires – poetry has the power to express all ranges of emotions.

Melange by Dr Prakriti L Thapa is a contemporary collection of 21 poems. This work looks into themes like love, loneliness, heartbreak, family life, obstacles of life and a few more aspects.

Most of the poems fall under the purview of love and heartbreak. But at the same time there is also one aspect that runs silently throughout the book and that is inspiration and aspirations. The poet also shed some light on the colours of life. ‘The Man Who Walked Alone’ and the ‘Rag Picker’ are the poems on such lines, they offer the despicable shades of life like poverty, being orphan, etc.

First poem Demons is inspirational, so does the Dreams On. There are poems on vices also based on lie, narcissism, begging, etc. Overall, I find the book highly docile and readable. The title itself means variety, thus, the book runs high on many themes about our life. The poet kept all the poems simple and straightforward, yeah at times I had to look at the dictionary for one or two words. But that is fine.

Dr Prakriti L Thapa poured her musings and emotions in various colours by inculcating in her writing themes like dreams, life, breakup, pain and suffering, and betrayal in love. Poems built around love and heart breaks are so heartrending that I felt the depth of the words. And the poems that are written on love and its joy are sheer delightful. I read this book in just one go, it was such a sweet and short book. I forward it to poetry lovers like me, it is quite a pleasurable read.

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