Book Review: Honey It’s Not About Six-Pack Abs by Mayur Mathur

After two successive books on health category, this is my third book in a month. The previous two were about fat loss programs. And this is about the mentality change for acquiring a wealth called health. From the title itself I could decipher that the book is not about six packs or how to work out in a gym. The book is lengthy and extensive with its content. So, basically what the book is all about? It’s about transformation, which can help you get into a healthy lifestyle and overall well-being that can guarantee happiness, and disease free life, and of course a light soul.

Though there are 4 stages given for a perfect health transformation, but according to me the 1st stage was not only imperative but also full of insights. It has got 9 chapters and they all lay the foundation for other stages to come. Questions, pillars of fitness, mind game, mentality, fitness definition! 1st stage was classic in its own form.

From the 2nd stage I really liked the value of affirmations and gunpoint leverage. The 3rd stage was too good about habits. Most of the chapters in this stage revealed such facts that remain hidden from the common mass.

The last stage was quite straightforward…but blends with the overall theme of the book. Before I conclude this review, let me remind you that the book is all about getting mindset for health and fitness. Until we get a proper mindset, consider you will be groping in the dark and your resolutions keep sucking you.

Mayur’s book is neither warts-and-all nor banal, it is informative with anecdotes and stories that keep the narration engrossing and glued. Some books have the power to change our lives, and I think this is one such book. So, read it, keep it safe for your future use.

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