Book Review: Weight Loss (a Sustainable Approach) by Pradeep Kumar Pandey

This book presents a personal plan about health as how an individual can gain good lifestyle by losing fat and keeping away diseases at bay. This is not a book that can be read for extensive knowledge on food, hormones, types of fats and oils, and more. If you have ever suffered from obesity or other disorders due to lack of sleep or night shift, this book is for you in its sheer vitality.

Pradeep writes that by getting into a good and regular sleep wake system, he gained control over depression, anxiety, fat loss, and improved his alertness and mental focus towards productivity.

It’s a simple and sweet book. However, it requires an order of reading. Though it may sound abstract, it’s a book full of lessons from the life experiences.

I could relate well with the book as once upon a time I was working in a BPO in night shifts. After sleeping for some hours in the day, I used to feel irritated and weak now I understood that time I was not taking proper care of my body’s circadian rhythm. According to this, we should get exposed to proper sunlight in the day and while sleeping there should be complete darkness, if our body cannot accept the phenomenon of daylight, it is going to be tough and may cause diabetes, hyper pressure, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. The author was in the same predicament, he provided good solutions to this situation.

Additionally, I found coverage on fats of plants and animals and coffee and millet. I was mildly impressed with everything but the amazing takeaway was that information on sleep and its importance. We should read success stories of others in the health niche, it gives us great feeling and inspiration. I am humbled that I found this book docile and easy to read and understand. Wonderful work done by Pradeep!

If you liked the review, you may go ahead and order a copy for yourself from Amazon and Kindle.

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