Book Review: Long Run (A Paradise Augmented) by T. Sathish

Long Run (A Paradise Augmented) by T. Sathish is indeed a terrific read of its own genre. I don’t want to categorize the book by its genre or theme, what I got is that I enjoyed it like anything. It was so well-written, perfectly placed, and intense that I finally fell in love with the lead guy Raghu Santhanam. The novel is based on his professional life, he excelled as a stock market trader.

The novel has around 3 timelines, current time, stock market time, and the college life of Raghu, Ram, and Anu. Right since his college time in NIM Chennai, he was brilliant with studies and research. Anu was his girlfriend. They both loved each other but when Raghu climbed the ladder in the stock market industry and begin earning a lot of money, something got over him. He broke with Anu, and misbehaved with his own parents and shifted to other place.

He was doing perfectly, making a lot of money, and that time was 90s when the sunrise sector of IT, Media, and Telecom was rising. A perfect mentor and frequent travel to abroad – there was nothing more that Raghu could crave for. But life has its own way. He meets with an accident, his eyesight is lost permanently. He is grounded, at the same time 9/11 attack in the USA forced shut his company.

The novel mainly shuttles between pre and post accident life. After the accident, he hopes to find meaning in his life. First he tries to find Anu from Europe and then he makes a comeback in the stock trading. The way story shuttles between past and pre accident is interesting but also slightly confusing. Overall, it is a lovely novel with great message of hope and life to all of us.

The novel’s tight narration and pace keeps the readers hooked. The author’s writing skills are at par; no one can say that he missed that and that. I found him a believable author from the contemporary Indian literature arena.

Liked the review, order you copy from Amazon or Kindle.

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