Book Review: Bells of Consciousness by Kumari Mini Yadav

Can a piece of poetry foster and promise mental and spiritual wellness? It depends what you seek. In my case, the answer is yes, because for mental and spiritual wellness one needs love, care, gratitude, conquer over fear, optimism, faith and so on.

“Bells of Consciousness” by Kumari Mini Yadav offers 20 poems in the worrying times of Covid pandemic when all sounds ephemeral and uncertain. I truly enjoyed reading all the poems in the book may be I am a bit bohemian you can say that is constantly longing for love and refuge from the mundane of our life.

The book is short but crisp to read. It exactly seeks the aspects that make us stronger from within. I admit that the poetry is bit rampant and abstract but by reading I feel all is good. By any means, the collection is not plain and banal. Rather it has good share of sayings from the Paramahansa Yogananda. Next, you get to see a beautiful illustration before each of the poem commences. Even reading on Kindle, I could sense the richness of the book.

My favourite poem in the collection is ‘Learning to Wait’, which is a great life lesson related poem. This poem recounts the gifts of life that it bestows upon us when we are confronted by some tough or adverse situation. The poet is so right by expressing that learning to wait is a gift of life and one needs to have a calmer mind when intents to reach the desired destinations in life.

No more spoilers, you better try the book and find your share of poems that can delight your soul. Mini writes clearly, it was evident from the pattern and formatting of the book. Overall, a good and inspiring read.

Get your copy from Amazon/Kindle.

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