Book Review: Secrets and Ruin by Monica Ageno

It is my second romance novel that is set against the African silhouettes. It is funny yet interesting to notice that any story that is emanating from African peninsula is inherited with dark elements. In fact, the author tried to build all the air of suspense and thrill but I did not see it was convincing. After all not all romance novels can be that thrilling.

Well, in this novel you will find love affair of Guma and Winyo. They both have differences from all points, despite that love finds its essence and passage but there awaits some dark incidents with the girl that are her dark secrets. If it comes out, for sure she will be rejected but will she manage all the mess for the sake of love.

There is a lot of buzz about the guy named Guma and his family, people believe that the family was into some witchcraft and all that stuff…dark and blood thirsty. If you read the novel completely, you will be able to uncover their deeds and the allied secrets. But I feel that the title was more inclined towards the girl Winyo. What did Uncle Saul did to her was heartbreaking….well I cannot give the story, you better pick up this short novel and finish to eke out your share of pleasure.

Both the characters are just above teenage, even the other auxiliary characters were good and stereotyped as per the situations. Overall, it was a bit different novel, other than the Indian themes of shallow love. For one-time read, please go ahead.

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