Book Review: Bujhaye Na Bujhe by Nimish Agrawal

I am a hardcore romance reader. Up till now I picked up only English titles, from A to Z, I finished reading all authors that write for romance. This was my first pick on behest of one close blogger friend, that too in Hindi. The title of the book is head-turning, so does its cover page.

The title in English means unquenchable, in fact the cover page also depicts a sort of burning rage. The title that loosely means unquenchable is apt to the inside content of the book. I tell you why? First, it is in relation with love, yes love is such a feeling that is strong at times that one cannot have more of it. Secondly, the book takes a dig at many questions on our society, so the nature of seeking answers is tantamount to being unquenchable.

I did not find a strong storyline in the novel. It is rather a collection of many short stories that come between the conversation of two characters namely Guruji and Swami. I was wonder struck by the ambience and contemporary nature of Ashram and Guruji, otherwise they are portrayed highly sophisticated. I could not understand the novel fully, yet while reading I was enjoying its soul theme and other things.

The novel is a treat for Hindi literature lovers. Though its readability is not so high, yet it is charming with its influence. Nimish, you must come up with a romance novel in English. It will work, mark my words.

If you liked the review and found the book interesting, please do a favour by ordering your book from Amazon or Kindle.

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