Book Review: Rise from Your Ashes by Sangeeta Gupta

I always liked poetry books that instill some queer motivation and inspiration. Plus, they should be easy to read. And I think Sangeeta Gupta’s poetry book “Rise From Your Ashes” fits both the criterion with an ease. Let me tell you that I have been awed and amazed by this short book that I had read on Kindle.

The first poem was the title of the book. It’s inspired by twin soul concept, where one soul compliments the other soul that exists in our human body, on this planet earth. You should know that there is a soul that drives our soul. And that is celestial, it may exist in the universe. Be it any twin soul, it’s a powerful idea, if leveraged properly one can reclaim their life easily. Around seventy percent poems in the book are twin soul oriented. They are simply motivating and inspiring but at a few places they sound redundant and repetitive.

As I made progress with the collection, I turned back to some poems to understand these genres, broadly the book is about a few themes like love, separation, telepathic thoughts, twin soul, etc.

My favourite poems are mostly from the twin soul segment, but I personally liked the poem “I Will be There for You” – this poem shares the love bonding of two souls that are at distance but crave to come together. Another thing that impressed was this line: love liberates you, not seek.

There is a lot that gallops through the thoughts of the poet, in fact, at many instances the love and its allied separation is portrayed through thoughts or say thought-riddled imagination. For instance, look at this one:

“My thoughts and my soul

 with your soul space

 my free spirit doesn’t mind

 your telephonic encroachments…”

The readable quality of the book is very high. Many themes are intertwined but clarity comes automatically when one reads through the book. If someone is down and looking for some motivation and enthusiasm to fight and sustain in life, picking this book will be a good idea.

 If you liked the review, please order your book from Amazon or Kindle. It will be a great favour for the author.

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