Book Review: Katil Nurse by Subhash Kumar

I do read contemporary Hindi novels and Subhash Kumar books are not only best but also truly intriguing to my inquisitive nature. His latest novel is based on love affair with a nurse during the Corona pandemic. The novel was in Hindi but I loved each part of it, though it is a different matter that I read it slowly as I am not that a regular Hindi reader.

In Amazon and everywhere, the description of the book is written in Hindi, which, according to me, doesn’t entice much, so for the English romance readers, I am presenting below the story of the book, in short, to you. Hope you liked it.

Katil Nurse by Subhash Kumar is the story of a nurse named Nandu (Betu) that falls in love with the narrator Subhash. Initially the love is one sided and she uses to express her love indirectly. Subhash rejects her love by giving many reasons. He rather says that they are good friends. As things keep going on between them like chatting and phone calls, suddenly after a year, news come that some boy was going to see Nandu for marriage. As a result, she gets upset and directly and emotionally hurts Subhash’s heart with her words and influence. She says that that she wants to marry him and only he can save her life from becoming hell.

She appeals that before that boy’s arrival, he should come or send the relationship message or talk to her family members on the phone for marriage. Subhash could not understand what to do? He gets carried away with emotions and made his parents talk to Nandu, so that she believes that he would marry her. Gradually, then a love story begins with the desire of both families. However, Subhash keeps reminding her about his abysmal living standard and poor home condition. But she insists on marrying him.

The wave of Corona in the middle also creates a lot of excitement. There comes a time that Nandu was completely controlling Subhash. Even if he suffered a loss, he used to make every decision of his life at the behest of Nandu. Now Nandu had got into the habit of Subhash. After a year, Nandu suddenly broke the relationship with Subhash completely within a day. When Subhash chases her like a mad lover, she gets fed up of him, thus, she devises a secretive plan to get Subhash out of his way. In this way the nurse who saves humans becomes the “killer nurse”. Somehow when Subhash realizes the dark side of Nandu that she is thirsty for his life, thinking this, he goes into depression.

Hope you got the story’s outlook. Now if you want to fully enjoy the story, better pick up the novel.

About Subhash Kumar:

Subhash Kumar is an electrical engineer and Indian author of fiction. His first novel Daag the Dhadkan was published by Blue Rose Publisher in 2019. Till 2021, three novels have been published by him. All his novels are predominantly based on subject of love, romance, thrill, betrayal, misunderstanding, and cunning plans. Subhash was in the habit of penning a diary which consisted of his school and college experience and memories. He also profoundly loves to writing heart-shaking poetry.

He graduated from Dayal Bagh Educational Institute, Agra. He belongs to Domra, a very small village in Harda (M.P). His mother is a house wife and father farmer. At present, he is working with water treatment sector. He is currently working on his next novel, D-Code, which is to be released soon.

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