Book Review: See Glass by Ido Graf

See Glass by Ido Graf is an enticing novel on political conspiracies. The involvement of Mossad, Neo Nazis, French Legion, and SS converts this novel into something of high value. As soon as I realized that the book has world war story, I knew I was on something that I cannot ignore.

The story broadly is about Neo Nazis searching for some secret book, diary, and gold kept in hidden by the last men of SS people that either got killed or fled Germany.

When Oscar was killed, his bodyguard Adam and his granddaughter Rebecca are running for their lives but soon their paths have a mission to accomplish and that will take them on the crossroads of Mossad and Neo Nazis and much more.

You keep reading and the story doesn’t leave you, it will take repeatedly from one loop to another. At times, I felt being tumultuous and repetitive but the wait was worth. Rebecca has a personal diary of her grandfather, it has the secret of Zbiroh that could help Neo Nazis to recreate the history of Hitler. That’s the one front of the story. In fact, it has many but I that leave up to you.  The novel mixes contemporary cold war concepts with the brutal history of Nazis, the combination is deadly.

All in all, way interesting than I could think of. I relished it like anything. Wonderful research and tapestry of words. Ido Graf has done a perfect job, hope his next books are bit short. Anyway 5 out of 5.

Folks, get your copy from Amazon or Kindle.

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