Book Review: The Adventure of Little Bean by Ageno H Monica

The Adventure of Little Bean by Ageno H Monica is a simple yet great story of one Little Bean – that is a plant. It struggles for survival and growth and that becomes tough due to many reasons. As you read this colourful children’s book you will get the hunch as why we humans should respect the plants around us. They too are living things. They have all the right for bright sunshine and clean surrounding.

The story commences with that Little Bean being growing in a hole in the middle of the road. It was too dangerous, in a matter of few seconds any speeding vehicle could crush it. Then a passing-by caterpillar suggests him to find place at the side of the road. That too is uncomfortable, next he is accompanied by a frog in a swamp, which again turns out a bad place. So what? Will he survive? Will he find a good place to enjoy his life or doomed for bad experiences in life?  

Very short and crisp read. I really loved the illustration and simple content in the book. Overall, combining both, it’s a great read with message for humans and that is not to spoil our surrounding and environment for commercial benefits. There has to be balance for everything. Lucid writing, this is a perfect book for gifting to children and I am sure they will learn about our nature and how to conserve it.

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