Book Review: Trafficked Innocence by Sandesh Raj

Do we ever think about the grave issues of human trafficking? If you go out on survey, probably many might not know as what it exactly means. But it is like a disease…widespread yet not visible to commoners. Why? Maybe they are not affected by it. Some poor unfortunate gets entangled in its web.

Sandesh Raj’s new novel ‘Trafficked Innocence’ is a hard hitting on human trafficking and exploitation. This novel exposes what goes there and what type of people play the critical roles in trapping people and in rescuing innocent lives.

However, on one side the novel shows the grim status of people affected by it in the form of sex workers and slaves and beggars, on the other hand, the novel also takes into account the plight and feelings of the victims and their families.

Spanning across 3 major cities of India that houses biggest brothels, the protagonist Abhishek run pell-mell to get his Munni back. As the story starts, Abhishek was about to travel but at the railway station his few months old daughter Munni is taken by kidnapers.

No one helps him. He ventures on his own to hunt the culprits. This takes him to uncomfortable brothels to dingy streets to ordinary NGOs and more. After failing at Kolkata and Delhi, he begins his search at Mumbai from the scratch. To do that he drives a cab. Soon he gets information from various sources but before he could grab the opportunities, he is exploited by one vile politician Bhau and a local gangster named Anna.

The story is interesting and intense, I got the joy of reading and meeting many characters but in the end the novel ends at a heartbreaking point. Human trafficking is a least covered issue in India. The government has no rules and media never covers it.

It’s an eye-opener sort of novel with terrific storyline and dominant narrative. The novel will leave you informed about human trafficking. Better be aware while traveling with family or kids. My heart goes numb at the outcomes of human trafficking.

Order your copy from Amazon/Kindle.

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