Book Review: Ciscoe’s Dance (Dance # Listen # 1) by Marion Hill

Marion Hill is one of the regular writers, earlier I have read his books in the Diondray’s Chronicles. He with an effortless élan transports readers to some other world for pure fun and adventure.

Well, this novel – Ciscoe’s Dance – is the first book in Dance & Listen series. The USP of the book is its inherent culture and heritage of music and dance. Since I am a music lover but not a curious soul to know about its types and roots, so this novel was fresh on my nerves.

The story is about lineage of dance that was on the tenterhooks of being wiped up. How? That fills the narration of the story. For inside peeks, I recommend you to pick up this book. Yet let me tell you a bit about the plot and main characters.

The novel is set in some other world called Kammbia. And in the city of Walter’s Grove two professional dancers Ciscoe and Latisha Maldonado, who are also married for sixteen years, rock the traditional music performance with the lineage of Guanamamma music at night clubs and parties. However, soon their craze dwindled for something new. They were out casted from a famous music and dance festival. Have their career ended or something sinister at play? Read on to know the exciting story that unfolds as and when you delve deep in the novel.

Marion writes with clarity of thoughts and his world-building skills are at par in this novel. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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