Book Review: Emotional Mastery by Navana Kundu

The word ‘Emotion’ sways my heart. It is a powerful thing…isn’t? Well, this author has penned down a whole book on Emotions. I sigh in appreciation for the author’s brilliance. I know it falls under the purview of self-help, which is generally reckoned as boring genre. But taking risks and exploring things is my emotions. They nudge me for that. But I want to do opposite. I would love to rule over my emotions. How? This I got in this book. This book’s class and league is of ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’.

Let me go a little broad with the book. This book is all about mastering your emotions. If you value your life and long to have happiness, success, wealth and much more, probably you need to play with your emotions. That can only be done once you master them. Mastering them takes knowledge and courage and discipline. How to do that – pick up this book. Mastering emotions is a process which may take up to some time. It is neither overnight nor instant. Reading this book will open up the doors for you. Why? It has one concept called the Healing Triad, which further involves three more aspects that are explained in detail. Did you get my point?

As you get under the book, you will come across many things about emotions. The 7-step Emotions Breakthrough Formula, Inner Child Healing, the Science of Energy Diet. From these steps, you will get to know your emotion type, and based on that you will explore your within personality. Once you identify yourself, you can control your emotions gradually. I will not get in the details. In a nutshell this book is like an exercise. If you do it, you will gain something valuable. My favourite concept in the book was Inner Child. It resonated with me and helped me to get healed in some areas. The book is a bit long but that is all right as long as you pick up something from it. All in all, it is a valuable book from the author who herself seems coming from healing and therapy background.

If you liked my review, you may get your copy from Amazon or Kindle.

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