Book Review: The De-coding of Jo: Blade of Truth by Lali A. Love

As the title says with its punch line, the decoding of Jo, this YA fantasy cum science fiction novel is built around the lead character Jo and her high school friends.

She is a powerful figure, though a teenager. She has the power of telepathy and teleportation and so on. Mother earth needs to be saved by someone strong enough. Jo and her high-school teenage friends take the challenge. Jo not only gets on an adventurous journey of saving the earth but first she has to save Roma, a powerful person who is also a Custodian of the Galaxy. Roma is captured by the dark forces.

It is obvious that in most of the fantasy thriller, there is always fight between dark and light. So does in this novel. It is a kind of different fantasy sci-fi thriller that pulls the readers since the first page. Also, this is about teenage characters, it has a good amount of high-school drama, the author discussed a few concepts to make it more credible. Any fantasy novel set in the universe, especially galaxy, is incomplete until has magical elements like shapeshifting, telepathy, time travel and so on.

Narration is not only brilliant but also piques readers for knowing the fate of Jo and other characters. Though the novel is a part of series, but it can also be read as a standalone novel. The novel is inspiring by portraying the difficult situations of Jo and her friends. But it is commendable to see them outpace the adverse situations. The group not only engaged in saving mother but also seeks true vibes of freedom and independence. The author must have done a great job in research and I think vivid imagination is her inherent capacity.

Overall, a riveting novel with so much action, drama, adventure, and fun. In its genre, this is a great novel and anyone can pick it up. But it is a treat for discerning YA readers.

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