Book Review: Drizzle of Love by Sangeeta Tomar

Drizzle of Love by Sangeeta Tomar is a new contemporary romance novel. It features the story of Sia, a young beautiful girl from Jaipur. The novel shuttles between Jaipur and New Dellhi. Sia, like millions of stereotype girls, is timid and afraid to fall in love due to her rigid family values and self-imposed bonding. But little did she know that life is unpredictable and she realizes that when she leaves her parents home and moves to New Delhi for higher studies with her friend Juhi.

The novel unveils its story layer by layer…like college fun, friends circle, roaming the city, struggle for accommodation and safety in a merciless city like New Delhi. In a party, she stumbles upon Sumer through a known relative. She notices that this guy eyes her. But later on a few meetings and hang outs and they begin liking each other and this way a romance begins sizzling between them.  Often romance novels are predictable and straightforward but there is newness in the work of Sangeeta. Because of lucid narration, the story looks captivating and fast-paced. The novel is clean and clear, the story builds at its own, with posing no difficulty to its readers.

Like many other love stories, it too has a destiny angle. Will Sia be able to break from her belief of believing strangers? Because Sumer is a stranger to her in a new city…but there has to be something that spellbound her. It is a story of two unequals but still makes up for pleasurable read.

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