Book Review: Conversations between the Little Girl and the Panda by Akriti Bhartia

Sometimes you come across a book that lures you so much that you feel like watching it for hours. Yeah…exactly that’s what happened with this short and beautifully illustrated book. Conversations between the Little Girl and the Panda by Akriti Bhartia is a book through question and answers. The title gives a lot – characters are the little girl and the panda – they are having conversation amidst the beautiful landscapes.

Though it is a book it moves like a movie, all that is possible because of beautiful illustrations of nature. Both characters are placed amid such verdant and nature-filled landscapes that at first you will see them for minutes before reading the content. Even If I consider this book for children, the content is very less. However, it still gives conclusion of a story. That’s the beauty of pictures, they speak thousand words.

The book boasts of 50+ conversations between the two. The little girl represents inner voice of a mind that has the tendency of seeking answers to many questions while the panda is a wise body. Both characters are contrasting to each other. The little girl is inquisitive while the panda is relaxed, friendly, and complacent. They not only like each other but also complement each other. The book explores many aspects and themes that invariably shape us and affect us. The book is pure and undefiled, there is no shadow of condescension. It is going to help all of us. A brilliantly staged book that not only entertains but also teaches us valuable lessons.

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