Book Review: The Lost Girl by Santosh Kumar Sharma

I am in awe with soft and fast-paced romance novels. The thing is that you can read them fast, if liked you can reread, if don’t, then no worries. This novel ‘The Lost Girl’ by Santosh Kumar Sharma is one good novel of 136 pages. As the title says a lot, let me put this excerpt from the book, so that you can have the hunch of the overall story without spoilers.

What made her family disappear from the town all of a sudden, more than two decades ago, without telling anybody about their destination, giving him an unbearable and unending pain?

This is a story of Vineeth. He is the lead guy who once fell in love with a good and beautiful girl named Rashmi? But fate had other plans. They got parted and the guy that time didn’t find her as career and other aspirations were at stake. Vineeth and the girl lived in the same town, more or less in the same vicinity. They enjoyed romance during the college studies. One day when Vineeth is out on a posting for a job, Rashmi and her family disappear leaving no clue for anyone.  Life moved on. The lost girl never leaves Vineeth; she is there always in his mind.

After 25 years, he takes voluntary retirement from his job and begins her search from where all started i.e. hometown Rudrapur. The novel is also high on nostalgia of youth and childhood memories. When Vineeth meets with his old friends, almost a sea of memories flood him. He is lost in many things; one of the crucial things is getting to know who is where and how…and so on. That coverage is amazing. It reminds me of my life when I reconnect with them. Friendship is an added theme in the novel. The novel is set against many places and involves a long cast of characters. Ultimately, diverse in its essence. I liked its measured pace and excitement it builds with many sub stories of people. if you want to know the inside story of Rashmi’s disappearance, well then you must pick it up and find out yourself.

Narration is cool and riveting. I had no qualms following the storyline; it moves to and fro but makes up a good read in the end.

Curious enough! Pick your copy now from Amazon or Kindle.

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