Book Review: Tiger (The Official Movie Novelization) by Saurav Dutt

Tiger (The Official Movie Novelization) by Saurav Dutt is a great boxing biography based on Pradeep Singh Nagra. The book is a novelization of the movie Tiger. It shows the struggle of a Sikh-American boxer who has to fight for his rights before following his passion of boxing. The story is set in the USA.

According to (American Boxing Club) ABC rules, Nagra cannot fight with his beard and turban. He challenges that proposition and runs around the courts to prove that a sport should not have problem with his religion or faith.

The people of the USA are reckless and keep him into groping hopelessness. In a way they deject and reject him. But Nagra is a man of ferocious power and strong faith. He wins the court case for his right and continues his boxing dream alive.

The novel reveals a lot about racism and other ways of discrimination. People mock him and challenge him to fight but before that he has to downgrade his faith. When he refuses to do that and fights in the court, he shots into fame. The world calls him ‘Punjab Tiger’. He may not be appreciated for the ring wins but certainly for his rights. He changes the way people look at Punjabi or Sikhs through beard and turban.

I have not seen the movie, but all the way I found it quite fascinating. As soon as I finished the book, I saw trailer on YouTube. It is a great story in both formats. Inspiring and motivating, Nagra’s story shows that fighting for one’s right is not an easy job.

Also I absolutely loved the underlying psychic of boxing. People needs to breath – I did not know this. Boxing is fervent, way beyond a passion. The cause of Nagra was genuine.

With a mix of action and drama, I relished this novel like anything. I read it in just 3 hours on Kindle. I would pay anything to watch the movie if I got it somewhere. Since the book was short, so I will not get into minute details. I leave it for you. It is an explosively entertaining novelization of a movie.

Liked the review, get your Kindle copy now.

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