Book Review: Ancient History by Sophie Penhaligon

Ancient History by Sophie Penhaligon blends romance and suspense and secrets rivetingly all into one. I got that idea when I found what an ancient Egyptian artifact has to do with a young brokenhearted woman. Artifacts and secrets are common where the half the cast is of archaeologists. The protagonist Athena Duncan follows the footstep of her father Hamish, a renowned archaeologist. She studies archeology. This novel delves deep into the complex world of excavations, archaeological intrigue, and secret artifacts and so on.

 Athena’s parents land in trouble. They lose life in an accident. Circumstances spiral out of Athena, thus, she travels to Paris to find out the root cause. There she acquaints with two men: Patrice Moreau and later Jack Latimer. She met Jack Latimer at a book launch event. The man was impressive but had an aura of mystery. The involvement of these two men muddles the life of Athena, but it also marks the entry of romance in the storyline. Are both men really wanted to help the grieving woman or something sinister is churning beneath their appearances.

It is a sort of novel that looks replete with romance and action thriller. I never felt bored or craved to skip the pages, it went on quite smooth. Sophie’s engaging narration and insertion of subplots from time to time nudges the plot seamlessly. I enjoyed the book and with history in it I found it really captivating novel to add to my reading list. Overall, an amazing experience.

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