Book Review: Silence of New Market by Debo

At the façade, it’s a silent crime thriller. There is a lot of subtlety in its plot. The novel is first in the liberation trilogy. It focuses on what aspects can ruin the mettle of character. Though there are many characters in the story, and at some or other point they are suppressed by their duties and grim realities.

The story is set in 1970s of Bengal area and its sequel may take the story ahead where it’s left in this part. The lead character is Vikram, the police commissioner. He was handling the crimes of that area; much of his silent investigation takes place at a place called the New Market.  I could not understand much of the story yet I did not drop the novel midway because it’s a charming thing. The author has left the story unsolved, may be it will be connected in the next part. Tough to understand but entertaining!

The police guy Vikram tries hard to catch a killer named Migma, who is like a shadow. I wanted to understand why he was killing people involved into drug dealings. And secondly there was coverage on haunting and retrospection. There was one character that was haunted by his past deeds. It was elaborative but not needed, I thought. Overall, a highly readable novel but no fixed story points. Debo’s flair for narration is tremendously impressive and he succeeded in creating vivid description of places and tenacity of the characters. Had the case been solved, I think then the novel is nothing less than a class. If you are a slow reader and love to enjoy the depth of the story, probably this is the novel that you can try.

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