Book Review: Words of the Heart by Bhagyashri Kuber Patrikar

Sometimes we come across books that not only impress us but we are also moved by their simplicity and decency. On my random search on Amazon Bestseller list, I came across the following book blurb:

“From college times, I am writing, I never make any collection of them. Some of my friends suggested me to gathered it, so very few of them with me now available which I collectively tried to publish in this book. Hope you will like them. Thanks for reading.”

Such undefiled simplicity of the author’s objective to write this book impressed me to an extent that I bought the book on Kindle instantly.

It is a mix of poetry, shayari, free versus, and prose. I was startled to discover that Bhagyashri has a beauty element in her book. On most of the pages, you will find her posing with her work. It looks dazzling. Also, I noticed that book is written in three languages i.e. Hindi, English, and Marathi. Since I do not understand Marathi, I enjoyed reading other two languages part.

The soul of the book is inspiration. Yes, the author tried to inspire us by writing about life quotes on wisdom, experience, love, and relationship. I will admit that this is not a masterpiece but I can confidently initiate a discussion on social media by using the content of this book. I think nowadays it is trend to pen down own thoughts and quotes and then convert the same into a book. It is a like a pocket book, you can read any part anywhere and anytime. The lines on depression and love are indeed worth the value. If you are someone who loves to read through quotes or simple shayari or poetry, I think this is the book for you.

Final verdict: A simple straightforward book on life and its allied themes. Go for it.

Liked the review, buy your book from Amazon.

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