Book Review: The Beautiful Sky by Harshwardhan

Stumbling upon normal romance novels is quite common for me as a book review blogger and avid reader. However, at times, a book comes that shake us. One such novel is ‘The Beautiful Sky’ by Harshwardhan. It is a romance novel with something different in its essence. The author claims it as one of the longest love story on pages. Indeed it was, 530+ pages. Also, this is my first such a lengthy novel, that too, a romance one.  The story moves like a script of a movie. I felt as I am into a long movie. Though it was repetitive, yet engaging and equivocal.

The story is of Vian and Amyra. They were in the same college. They get along and become lovers. Amyra’s character during the college time is very real and intriguing as well. On the other hand, Vian is stubborn and a bit clumsy. The novel is written in Hinglish (English + Hindi). Vian is a multi-faceted character; he is a Shayar, Writer and Lover. The book shuttles between various timelines. It transports readers to their specific mood swings and struggles.

Putting it broadly, Vian and Amyra were in love but their family does not accept them. They go away. Vian burns in separation. They did not meet for a long time. However, one week before the marriage of Amyra, she is gang raped. Everything changes. Vian tries to lift the morale of the rape victim. How? A long story…

The novel is strictly for adults but it has a message because it is back dropped against the dirty society and its stigma. There is a lot of shayaris and free verses in Hindi. Indeed, the book is long but keeps us entertained. Despite abuses and slangs, I did not put it away. I wanted to know more and more. The story is not something that comes straight. You need to give time and patience to have it completely.

Overall, from the story point of view, the novel was good. I cannot appreciate blindly language usage, but the author did an experiment. Thus, the novel is readable yet lengthy and all. It’s a different book and I feel it will appeal to a different set of readers.

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