Book Review: Arihant by Shubhan Balvally

Who is Arihant? Exactly, this was my question when I saw the book on Amazon. I read the blurb, yet could not find the guy. So, I decided to delve deeper. I picked up the novel. It is a crime thriller with science fiction as one its backdrops. The story involves scuffle between a famous Indian scientist and some greedy henchmen of Madan Kalra. But it doesn’t stop there. It is rather one of the facades or say points in the story.

The novel kicks off with Professor Ramanna attending an event where he is disclosing his next ground-breaking invention that can changes the face of Indian military and defence. Earlier, he invented some software that could detect the exact level of toxic in food. Duet to this, he was shot into fame and earned good money. He has his own lab being guarded by sentinels all the time. However, just after the event, Madan Kalra men wanted to buy his invention, but he refused. Then, they chase him. In the ensuing chase, he somehow gets into his lab and blows himself. It is assumed all is dead with him, even his invention. What was that? No one knows.

After a few days, all of sudden a powerful figure begins killing men involved in the murder of Professor Ramanna. He is fast and furious; hardly anyone can keep pace with him. ACP Anand Rane is investigating the case of Professor Ramanna. He also gets this case of strange killings. In fact, when the entire police team chases the case, they come to know about some shocking revelations. What are they? At this point, I come to know about an android robot…but who is that and who built and programmed it? Yes, it is true that the story features a larger-than-life robot but why it is against the tide?

Is that magical figure or robot same? What is its name? What happened to the fate of Professor Ramanna’s new invention? What is the love story of Anjali Rane, the daughter of ACP Anand Rane. I cannot leak out the spoiler. The novel is extremely fast-paced but it doesn’t give away the prediction. Highly dramatic and engaging novel, the author maintained his style throughout the story with simple usage of language. The cast of characters is long but it doesn’t hamper either the morale or pace of the novel. I enjoyed it as I am watching any Hollywood movie. For sure, a movie material.

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