Book Review: Silent Fires by Poojitha G Prasad

Of late I am much into crime and murder mystery TV series on Prime and Netflix. This genre was unexplored by me so far. Later I found that crime or murder mystery thriller web series are based on novels. So, I turned to novels. I have been reading crime thrillers mostly nowadays. I tried many foreign and Indian authors. Surprisingly, I enjoyed Indian authors like Kochery C Shibu, Salil Desai, and the new Poojitha G Prasad. I don’t know but I liked Indian authors in this genre. They built stories credible to our societies and to an extent they mirror our garbs.

Well, I am going to talk about Silent Fires by Poojitha G Prasad. Other books, I have already covered on my blog in previous reviews. It is a way interesting crime thriller with a good cast of characters and two protagonists. The novel is about finding a missing woman named Shravya Chandra, who is a wife of a film star named Arun Chandra.

Ashish and his brother Manav chase the case. One is a police cop while Manav is a crime reporter sort of guy. Both delve deep into the case and have their own ways of investigation. Ashish believes that the husband Arun is behind the missing or maybe the murder of Shravya. On the other hand, Manav wants to know about the people who were seen or found close to Shravya. The story is long and comes to a conclusion after many rounds of filter. Whatever was the reason or people involved – it was worth my time and money.  

The novel features two detectives from two different ends, solving the same case. Since it’s a high profile case, both needs to be extra cautious and abreast in their games! Will they find the missing person or the novel will end at a cliffhanger? Some books define its genre; this is one such good book.

Truly a terrific page turner! Author Poojitha’s narration is tight yet lucid enough to keep track of all characters without any fuss. Of course, I was hooked to one place until I reached the last page. The story moves at a measured pace, I couldn’t think of leaving it midway. Truly a heart-stopping thriller novel by an Indian author! A must pick for crime and suspense thriller people.

Buy from Amazon.

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