Book Review: Raptor Rising by Anjali Joshi

There is something good about reliable publishers. With so much heat going on self-published books, I found Raptor Rising from Rupa quite comforting. The novel was promising with its unique and slightly tumultuous narration. But that is the way a crime thriller has to be. Too much simplicity kills the fun.

Raptor Rising is one such book that awed me right since its beginning. I had mixed feelings for it but I was loving it. And I do not know why? This is a novel that does not come straight to its readers, they need to chase it, grasp it, re-read some part to be with it always. A crime novel is itself a challenge to read. Only hardcore readers of this genre can only admit it. The story is about more than one thing. As the novel opens, I see a celebrity film star screwing up his crew and one Rumana stuntwoman in the Island of Lakshadweep. He goes missing, and soon a video goes viral. It was about his death. I thought it is an open game. Rumana is the killer and the cops have to prove her ways of killing.

The story moves on…one more killing…this time a famous cricketer. Another video! Rumana is absolved. With the help of minute details and preaches, the cop Vikram and his auxiliary team members comes to a point where they get some names of women.

The investigation starts. The killer is some Alpha Woman with excellent skills. She is an artist of death. But why does she kill famous people? Is something ulterior and sinister involved in her actions? What is that dark web connection? I bet if you read the novel slowly yet cautiously, you will be thrilled to find the duel between the cop and an alpha lady that is misleading the former with full gusto.

Only supporting characters are clear, main ones are in the fog. Despite its random nature, I fell in love with this fast-paced novel. At one point of time, it transcends its conventional genre, it becomes more than a crime thriller.

Anjali Joshi is a master storyteller, however, at times there is some incoherence but she is a layered author. You cannot judge her in just some pages. In the end, I have to say that the novel is brilliant with something different for discerning crime readers.

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